United Flyte
Everett, Washington
1970 - 1982


Jim Alkire ~  Bass, Vocals
Carl Amberson ~ Keyboards
Jim Ball ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Barnhart ~ Drums
Bob Burrows ~ Guitar, Vocals
Fred Chimulera ~ Keyboards
Larry Draglin ~ Drums
Doug Falteisek ~ Bass
George Haage ~  Saxophone, Flute
John Klise ~ Drums, Backing Vocals
 Jim LaRoche ~ Drums, Vocals
Gene Laukkonen ~ Saxophone
Larry McDowell ~ Lead Vocals
Willie McNeil ~ Drums, Vocals
Bob Petershagen ~ Trumpet, Congas, Backing Vocals


Brian King ~ Lights, Roadie
Ron Rochon, aka "Ervis Precisely" ~ Sound, Roadie
Craig Mann ~ No. 3 Roadie

In Memory of

Larry McDowell

"United Flyte" was already an established Everett, WA area band, when George Haage and I joined in 1974.  George attended CWSC (CWU now) and I attended EWSC (EWU now), and brought the band into the "horn era".  We played after game dances up & down the Washington coast, Lake Hills skate circuit,  local bars, and just about all of the local high school proms, tolos, etc.

Larry McDowell suffered a stroke and died Feb. 2001.  Fred Chimulera was last heard of working wood manufacturing in Oregon.  Bob Burrows works in law enforcement.  Jim Ball in wholesale food supplies.  Jim Alkire works in public power.  George Haage in communication services, and continues to play with such groups as the Penguins and others.  Myself, I work in the public school system and continue to play, usually contracting out to different groups such as the Penguins, Duffy Bishop, and others.  Have also heard that Bob Burrows and Jim Alkire have another band going, "Collection of Souls", but have not heard of them playing out for some time.  Can't say I've heard anything about anyone else belonging to the band.

Oops, I did forget a few people that deserve many thanks:  Ron Rochon, aka "Ervis Precisely" who was our sound man and No. 1 roadie.  "Ervis" usually made an appearance halfway through the night.  Ron did an amazing impersonation of Elvis (sequined costume and all) and sounded surprisingly like Elvis.  Also thanks go to Brian King, No. 2 roadie and lights.

I left the band in 1978, and if I remember correctly, the band continued in one form or another through '81 or '82.  I remember the times as good ones and thanks go to all of you, in the band and in the stands, for all the love and support.

Bob Petershagen  aka Beep Beeperson,  Feb 15, 2004

I have really enjoyed visiting your website and seeing a lot of my fellow musicians remembered.

The guy with the big hair  with his arm across his chest in the second picture is Jim LaRoche a great singer, drummer and all around good guy who left United Flyte in 1976 to join Dan Burrows and me (Paul Cooper) in my band Northwest Harness Company.  Dan is the older brother of Bob Burrows, and also an outstanding guitarist and harmony singer.

Jim played in our band from 1976 until 1985, he left the band to work his regular job at Scott Paper when the strain of too many nights work began to interfere with the day job and kept him away from his family.

Paul Cooper, September 2006

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Last Update:  22 February 2011
Credits:  Bob Petershagen, Craig Mann, Gene Laukkonen. Doug Falteisek,  Jim LaRoche, Paul Cooper
Band # 1485