Image provided Courtesy of Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture/Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, Washington.  Photographer:  Russ Nobbs
Al DeWood, Bob Acorn, Don Larson and Steve Nelson - Photo by Russ Nobbs
Universal Joint
Spokane, Washington
 Circa 1970


Bob Acorn ~ Hammond Organ
Al DeWood ~ Guitar
Kim Eggers ~ Saxophone
Doug Fish ~ Drums
Don Larson ~ Bass
Hal Lotzenhieser ~ Bass
Steve Nelsen ~ Drums

Don Larson   -   Al DeWood
Bobby Acorn - Steve Nelsen

Al DeWood, Doug Fish, Bob Acorn, Hal Lotzenhiser and Kim Eggers

I knew these guys as all the bands in Spokane in those days were great friends and enjoyed each other musician-ship.  Of course all played in several other bands. When I saw the name "Universal Joint" I got a big smile and it was fun to see the members.  Don Larson was a good friend and of course he played is several other bands.  Great Memories!  When playing in "Good Morning", with Sid Fisher, Aarron Bosche, Tom Ogle, Victor Coy...  We had a band house near the Paul Bunyen with a great view of the city.  All the bands hung out there.  Great wild fun times!!

Jerry DesVoignes, June 2011

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Updated:  18 April 2017
Credits: Bobby Summers, Dave Cebert, Don Larson, Bob Acorn, Chuck Burbank, Russ Nobbs (photographer), Jerry DesVoignes,
Eastern Washington State Historical Society (E.W.S.H.S.);  Photographer: Russ Nobbs; Scanning and Photo Restoration: Richard  Bruce

Band # 351