Andy, Gary, Rick - 1980
The Unknowns
Yakima-Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1988


The Early Members

1979 -1982

Gary Hoskins ~ Bass, Vocals*
Rick Jones ~ Drums, Vocals*
Steve Smart ~ Vocals
Andy Volmer ~ Guitar, Vocals*
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1985 - 1988

Gary Hoskins ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Andy Volmer ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Russ Chapman ~ Drums
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* Orginal Members

Gary, Steve, Rick Andy - Last Gig - 1982

Steve, Andy, Rick - 1982

This looks like a commercial for "Good Times, Great Friends, Country Music - What can we say?  This Buds for you"...  Gary Hoskins, Andy Volmer & Russ Chapman "The Unknowns 1988" along with friends.  Gary would later go to work for KMPS from 1992 to 1996 as an Air Personality & Production Director.
The beginning of The Unknowns started in 1979, when Gary and Andy signed up for a guitar class in high school, though Gary had to get special permission from their instructor to be the only bass player in the class.

Rick, Andy and Gary (note: also Russ Chapman) - were drummers, in the high school marching band.  Performing in places like Hawaii, Canada as well as marching many many miles in parades (note: which would help out later when Gary & Andy joined the United States Army).

After a couple years of playing Top 40 and classic rock, The Unknowns played one final gig in 1982, and then broke up.

As mentioned before, Gary and Andy went in to the United States Army.  And the others, well Rick moved to Lake Tahoe, and Steve moved to Boise, Idaho.

In 1985, two of the original members along with a close friend (Russ Chapman on drums) got together.  This line-up played together on & off for a few years along with friends.  1988 they went in to Star Trak~Studios in Shoreline, WA. To lay down a few tracks as The Unknowns.

Gary Hoskins, October 2005

Gary Hoskins - Has also played in other past & present NW Bands; Hired Gun, The Nadz, 100 Proof, The Backbeats, The Blenders, and Slightly Smashed Pumpkins.

Andy Volmer - Has also been seen in these past & present NW Bands; 100 Proof, The Eggmen, The Backbeats, The Slackers, Sterling SIlver, and Hiwatt.

Gary Hoskins, May 2003, October 2005, January 2006

More Sound Samples

The Unknowns/Instrumental Sample rehearsal

Gary / Solo Recording of the Ventures tune "He Never Came Back"

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