The Unusuals
Bellingham, Washington
1965 ~  1967


Terry Allan ~ Bass
Vic Bundy ~ Keyboards
Bill Capp ~ Guitar
Pat Jerns ~ Drums
Kathi McDonald ~ Vocals
Gary Ramsey ~ Drums
Harvey Redmond ~ Bass
Laurie Vitt ~ Guitar

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In Memory of

Kathi McDonald

Babe It's Me/I'm Walkin' Babe  (Panorama 23) Oct 1965
 Summer Is Over/I Could Go On (Mainstream 653) 1966

Kathi McDonald later joined Big Brother and The Holding Company and of this writing was performing with Blues 55.  Laurie Vitt is now Curator of Reptiles and Professor of Zoology at Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
See Bellingham Accents! The Bellingham Accents (1965): Members: Pat Jerns, Laurie Vitt, Bill Capp (substitute when Bill wasn't available was Gary Carb), Harvey Redman

The Unusuals had all of these members including Kathi McDonald.  The Bellingham Accents were scheduled for a recording session and the promoters thought that they should come up with a better name for the band.  Pat and the band pondered over this. They wanted something different and exciting or fresh. Well, the recording time came upon them and they hadn't come up with anything. They went into the recording studio and Pat Jerns quoted, "I just can't think of anything unusual". And that was it! They became The Unusuals! They recorded kind of a Sonny & Cher type duet. Laurie Vitt & Kathi McDonald vocals on "Babe, It's Me" bw/" I'm Walkin'Babe" PANORAMA-23 (early 1965). Late in 1965 the band went to San Francisco and recorded: Summer Is Over/I Could Go On - MAINSTREAM-653. Due to a late Fall releasing, the record didn't go as far as the group would have liked.  The record reached #1 in Great Falls, Montana and was #1 in Bellingham for several weeks. Also, during this session, they recorded: Higher Places/Just Outside My Window. (Laurie Vitt wrote Higher Places and Bill Cappp wrote the latter which was used by another band in California). This record only made it to an acetate or test pressing.  During this last recording session, Gary Ramsey played drums with the band as Pat Jerns left and went on to further his career in the business world

Jim Doidge with Pat Jerns, June 2003

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Last Update:  28 May 2010
Credits: Randy Solvang, Fuzz Acid & Flowers, Laurie Vitt, Terry Allan, Jim Doidge
Band # 0078