Lito, Ray, Brad, Lorelei, Zane, Denny
Photo By Tim Orden
Valla Dia
Bremerton, Washington
1974 - 1979


Lito Bocanegra ~ Guitar,  Vocals
Denny Garrett ~ Vocals, Bass
Brad Nielens ~ Bass
Zane Olesen ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lorelei Sego ~ Vocals
Ray Winter ~ Drums

Valla Dia was a very powerful Heavy Metal/Classic Rock band that played the Pacific Northwest back in the 70's.  Booked through FarWest Entertainment in the early years they played most of the "A" clubs and many of your favorite watering holes in your home town.

Most of the band members are still involved in projects throughout the region.  When Valla Dia left the stage for the final time it was just the beginning for some of us.  Zane, Lito and Brad went on to form the bands "Theory" and eventually "Titanic". Those bands toured throughout the country for many years more.

Lito Bocanegra, March 2009

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Last Update:  29 November 2009
Credits: Lito Bocanegra, Tim Orden (Photo)
 Band # 2540