Vancouver - Your Town Band in 1977
Vancouver, Your Town Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 - 1983 & 1988


Wayne Briscoe ~ Drums (76-79)
Brian Brown ~ Keyboards (Casual)
Richard Christie ~ Bass (81)
Lorne Davidson ~ Bass (79)
Ed Dolinski ~ Keyboards (76-77)
Rob Ferguson ~ Drums (82-83)
Grant Fuergutz ~ Keyboards (79-81)
Doug Jang ~ Drums (Casual)
Ron Merrison ~ Bass (76-78 & 80)
Daryl Miller ~ Drums (79-82)
Terri Rolf ~ Keyboards, Vocals (81-83)
Ken Smithson ~ Bass, Vocals  (82 -83)
Dyan Telford ~ Keyboards, Vocals (77-79)
Lyle Watts ~ Guitar, Vocals (76-83)
Karen Weisgarber ~ Flute, Vocals (76-83)

We had a gigging band from about 1967 through 1983 that played in Vancouver under several names starting with "Revelation" and "Good Company"  with Lyle Watts, Ken Smithson, Steve Hoas, Al Staniforth, Brian Brown, John Hudson, and Glenn Taylor.

The early 70's saw a name change to "VANCOUVER, Your Town Band", which we used until our breakup in 1983.

We played 50-70 gigs a year around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island; mostly larger corporate events in the major hotels.  We booked mainly through Bruce Allen and John Whitefoot, as well as developing our own client list through those years.

Ken Smithson, November 2008

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Vancouver - Tour Town Band in 1980
Band History

The band started in 1965 with a group of 14 and 15 year old guys from the Dunbar area of Vancouver who attended Point Grey Senior Secondary School.  We played mainly for school dances, functions and private parties under the “Quotations” and “Revelation” banner.

“Good Company” was formed circa 1970 after Lyle Watts returned from a year in Europe.  This band performed a lot around town, producing a much more “polished” sound. Cecil Green Park was a fairly regular gig where we could try out our new material and have a good time as part of our deal was to have our friends get in free, plus all the alcohol we could drink... We played around the Greater Vancouver area, including the Sunshine Coast.

“Lyle and the Group” was formed in the fall of 1973 with a new roster of band members when Steve Hoas moved to Sicamous and Dave Esau moved to Calgary.  Doug Jang, Ron Merrison and Karen Weisgarber joined Lyle Watts, Ken Smithson and Brian Brown. This group worked hard on the repertoire, taking advantage of Karen’s flute and vocals to allow agents to book us for weddings, corporate events and parties in the major hotels.  This band honed our ability to play for all age groups and we were much in demand as a result.  We ran the band in a business-like fashion, and the agents respected and trusted us to provide their customers with good value.

 “Lyle and the Group” changed in name to “Vancouver, Your Town Band” in January 1977, with new custom tailored uniforms, even more emphasis on vocal harmony (Lyle, Karen and Ken had choral experience), plus a large set list developed over the years. This band continued to fill a niche in the Greater Vancouver/ Fraser Valley market for a well presented six person band that could successfully entertain large, mixed age group corporate gatherings in the major hotels and country clubs, up-scale weddings, large parties etc.  We played on Vancouver Island at the Comox Air Force Base several times, as well as other venues up and down the island, and were even flown to the Queen Charlotte Islands for a logging company celebration.

We enjoyed the company of many fine local musicians who passed through our ranks over the years, and would like to thank each and every one of them for their contribution to our success.  We had some great times!

As our various “daytime” careers developed, in 1983 we decided to stop playing regularly.  Playing between 50 to 70 casual gigs a year took a large amount of time and energy, and became harder as our personal commitments grew.  We would reform through the ‘80s to play a few gigs, such as New Years or other interesting venues.

Afterwards, Lyle Watts, Dyan Telford and Wayne Briscoe performed on a number of Princess Cruise ships.  Ken Smithson and Brian Brown played together for about 20 years as a duo, and also in a trio, Rogue Scholars, with Bonnie Wolokoff.

Courtesy of Ken Smithson


The Quotations”    1965-1966
Uniform - black pants, fuzzy gold and black turtleneck shirt, Beatle Boots

Revelation”  1966-1969
Uniform:  White signature frilly blouse shirts made by Karen Williams, Black pants.

Good Company”  1970-1973
No uniform

Lyle and the Group”   1973-1976
Uniform: Black and white “CBC logo” shirts, vest, black pants and dress shoes or boots

“Vancouver, Your Town Band”  1976-1983 (1988)
Uniform: Dark Blue striped shirt with orchids, powder blue vest and pants, black shoes

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Credits: Ken Smithson
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