Vasa Hall
Hoquiam, Washington
Some of the bands that rocked Vasa Hall in Hoquaim during those great years of NW music were:

The Beachcombers
The Bootmen
Chessmen (Hoquiam)
Don and The Goodtimes
The Huntingtons
Swinging Blue Jeans (ID)
The Viceroys
The Wailers

Many people have asked where the word "Vasa" came from because it is mentioned so often in NW rock history.  Vasa and the Vasa organization reflect the strong Swedish heritage throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The Vasa Hall in now the home of the Hoquiam Moose Lodge.

"The Vasa Hall in currently the Moose Lodge.  It is pretty much unchanged from the 60's.  My band played there about 5 years ago for a class reunion and it was kind of erie....nothing looked different except everything looked smaller than we remembered it.  And the stage still had a musty, funky smell from a leaking roof...just like the old days."

Stan Foreman

"The Vasa Hall was another one of the second-floor rooms where you had to drag your equipment up a steep (and very wide) stairway and then haul it all the way to the other end of the building where the stage was.

Bobby Summers, December 2001

Another band that played the Vasa was Don and the Goodtimes, in 1966.  I know because I met my wife at the beach that July and we attended a dance at the Vasa.  We still remember how great they were.  By the way, we are going on 43 years of marriage this August; must have been the music.

Gary Gozart, May 2010

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Last Update:  3 August 2010
Credits: Stan Foreman, Bobby Summers, Gary Gozart, Dick Brown