Aka: "The Yahshvah's Soul Church Choir and Orchestra"
Spokane, Washington
1982 - Present


Mike Barnes ~ Drums
Greg DesJarlais ~ Lead Guitar
Mike Edens ~ Drums
Rob Edens ~ Guitar
Fenton Hendricks ~ Lead Guitar
Stan Jackson ~ Drums
Vance Johnson ~ Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Harp
Tim "Too Slim" Langford ~ Guitar
Doug LaPlante ~ Lead Guitar
Paul Layton ~ Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Tommy McKay ~ Lead Guitar
Roger Pedersen ~ Lead Guitar
Pete Redshaw ~ Lead Guitar
George Silva II ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Drums, Bass
George Silva III ~ Drums
Kerry Stickler ~ Lead Guitar
Jack Steele ~ Guitar
Lester Smith ~ Guitar
Donny Stone ~ Bass
Rob White ~ Drums

"The Soul Sisters"

Gabriele Hamp ~ Vocals
Sunny Hamp ~ Vocals
Cheryl Swindle ~ Vocals
Louise Swindle ~ Vocals
Mary Swindle ~ Vocals

The Swindle Sisters - Mary, Tonie, Cheryl

Jack Steele, unrecalled singer, Vance Johnson, Greg DesJarlais

Toni Swindle

Vance, unrecalled drummer, Pete Redshaw, Fenton Hendrick
"Vaya" was formed with my brother George in Spokane in 1982, and has appeared both in the clubs as a rock band, and in church venues as "Vaya, the YSC Choir & Orchestra".  Vaya is currently not performing, but I am regrouping with the Mending Fences Fellowship Praise and worship team, and the Choir at COG 7th day for special performances, and re-recording all the gospel material in digital format for release @ (to be published soon.)
Vance Johnson, December 2002

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Tony Vance and the RB Project, Tony Vance and Progress Hornsby 4, Tony Vance and the Two Pound Matchbox, Hot Spice, Stryker, Soul Proprietor, Frenship, The Studebakers, Too Slim and the Taildraggers and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  18 January 2012
Credits: Vance Johnson
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