The Versatiles
Corvallis, Oregon


Marshall Adams ~ Bass
Rick Campbell ~ Drums
Lynn Fairbrother ~ Piano, Saxophone
Steve Inskeep ~ Saxophone
Paul Starkey ~ Guitar

This was my first band, started at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house on the Oregon State Univ. campus. The group played mostly drunken socials for Frats and Sorority houses (TIC). Actually, the best talents were Lynn Fairbrother on piano, and Rick Campbell on drums. I must say that I was over my head, but I got better.  Later I went on to lead the "The Moguls," listed elsewhere on the site.

Paul Starkey, August 2005

I joined this band in Fall Term 1963.  Lynn Fairbrother on piano and alto saxophone, Steve Inskeep on tenor saxophone, Paul Starky on guitar, Marshall Adams on bass, and Rick Campbell on drums. A great classic rock sound with two saxophones.  We went to play many frat house parties, Channel 9 Telethon, MU Ballroom, and returned repeatedly to the Cascade Club in Springfield.

Marshall Adams, April 2008

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Last Update:   13 January 2013
Credits: Michael S. Roth, Paul Starkey, Marshall Adams
Band # 1589