Gaylon Walker, Dave Chapman & Danny B. Sneekers
Danny B. Sneekers & the V.O. 5's
Bellingham, Washington


Dave Chapman ~ Drums
Dan Saville ~ Guitar
Gaylon Walker ~ Bass

In Memory of

Gaylon Walker

Dave Chapman, Dan Saville a.k.a. (Danny B. Sneekers) & Gaylon Walker

The band was only a three-piece, drums, bass and guitar, but it sure didn't sound like a three piece. We played everything 90 miles and hour and the sound the three of us produced was nothing less than kick ass.

The band was only together for about a year and we played mostly around the Whatcom County area but a lot of good times and memories are the result of time well spent.

Dan Saville

Danny B. Sneekers & the V.O. 5's

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Last Update:  22 November  2009
Credits: Dan Saville
Band # 2585