The Voyagers - Image courtesy of Kevin Harding
The Voyagers
Hillsboro, Oregon
1965 - 1966


Charlie Cook ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Harding ~ Drums
Ron Reedy ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
George Smith ~ Keyboards

The Voyagers - Image courtesy of Kevin Harding

“The Voyagers“ at the Hillsboro Moose Lodge - Courtesy of Ron Reedy

In 1964-65, Charlie Cook and Ron Reedy were playing as a duo at talent contests and junior high school assemblies in Hillsboro. Keyboardist George Smith and drummer Kevin Harding, who had been practicing together, joined them to become The Voyagers. They played at school and street dances, private parties, teenage nightclubs and one Battle of the Bands. The Voyagers broke up when George got married and Kevin went off to College. Ron and Charlie joined other musicians to become the Eternal Sounds.

In 2009 the foursome sat down together for the first time in 40+ years. Ron and Charlie are still rocking together as members of Responsible Party. Kevin can be found playing hammer dulcimer or fiddle at local old-time and Irish jam sessions. George still plays a keyboard at home, enjoying string, flute and piano combinations.

Kevin Harding, May 2010

The Voyagers - Image courtesy of Kevin Harding

Voyagers Reunion in 2009 - Courtesy of Kevin Harding

The Voyagers 50th Reunion - Images Courtesy of Ron Reedy
This 50th anniversary reunion turned out to be quite an event, as two of our members had left the music scene shortly after the break-up of the band & had not played in many years.  We had a short rehearsal a few days prior to the show.  Their kids had never seen their Dads play in a “rock” band before and were quite excited about!

It was so cool to be able to pull this together, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one I will never forget.

Ron Reedy, June 2015

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Last Update:  4 June 2015
Credits:  Kevin Harding, Ron Reedy
Band # 2655