Vancouver Playboys
Vancouver, British Columbia
1962 ~ 1966


Terry Cromie ~ Trombone, Vocals
John Crowe ~ Guitar
Dennis MacFadden ~ Keyboards
Garnet Hunt ~ Bass
Kat Hendrikse ~ Drums
Ronnie Jordan ~ Vocals
Tom Northcott ~ Vocals
Randy Rayment ~ Saxophone
Lynn Rycroft ~ Trumpet

In Memory of

Terry Cromie
d:  4 November 2008
Ronnie Jordan

Terry Cromie

Ronnie Jordan - Photo courtesy of Garnet Hunt
Ronnie Jordan

Photo courtesy of Garnet Hunt
John Crowe, Garnet Hunt, Terry Cromie, Kat Hendrikse, Dennis MacFadden, Lynn Rycroft and Randy Rayment

Dennis MacFadden and Garnet Hunt are currently playing with The Time Machine playing classic rock from the 50's, 60's and 70's with Jim Matson, Doug Boychuk, Albert Walsh and Mark Smith.

Garnet Hunt, August 2003

The photo on the anchor includes Tom Northcott who sang with the group on the 1965 Canadian Tour.  Also included is a photo of Ronnie Jordan who sang with the group until 1964.
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Garnet Hunt, November 2006

Vancouver Playboys - Photo courtesy of Garnet Hunt
Dennis MacFadden, Garnet Hunt, Terry Cromie, Lynn Rycroft, John Crowe, Kat Hendrikse (on anchor), Randy Rayment and Tom Northcott

On Tour in 1966
These were our Volkswagen Vans that we used to lug around our gear during the 60's.  We tried using trailers to carry the Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker, the Fender Amps, drums, sound gear etc. but that was certainly a hassle so we acquired a used VW Van in 1963 and used that for about a year to travel around BC.  In 1964, we upgraded to a shiny new red VW Van and again in 1965 we bought another VW Window Van.  Both these vehicles were professionally painted with the band's name and local radio station logos.  These vehicles were very reliable and logged a lot of miles from 1964 - 1966, including a Cross Canada Tour in 1965.  Tom Northcott joined us on the 1965 Tour and he was driving a brand new white Mustang.  Needles to say, the trucks and the Mustang got a lot of attention in small towns when we rolled in to play gigs.

Although I use a portable Hammond XB2 and Yamaha Keyboard with PV Keyboard Amps today, this gear still weighs a lot and is awkward to move.  I really wish I had kept that 1965 VW Van as it was so easy to load our old gear in through those double side opening doors, and the old VW Vans are really a collector's item these days.

Dennis MacFadden, October 2008

Webmaster Note:  Dennis provided three photos of the VW's  which can be seen at the page Band Vehicles.


45 - New Syndrome - “Don’t You Just Know It”

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Credits:  Ed Nadorozny, Brian Pulham, Garnet Hunt, Dennis MacFadden, Karen Jordan

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