Washington Merry Go Round
AKA:  The Sage Brothers, The Breakers, The Tiffany Brothers, The Sand Fleas,The Rogues
Cannon Beach, Oregon
1963 ~ Present


Greg Sage ~ Guitar
Larry Sage ~ Bass, Vocals
Ron P. Shipman ~ Drums
John W. Thoennes ~ Bass
Tom Wallis ~ Trumpet, Vocals

In Memory of

John W. Thoennes
d:  December 2012

Greg Sage
d:  14 February 2009

These guys are still playing around the Cannon Beach area once in a blue moon.  In fact, they played last summer.

Margo Lalich, February 2007

Washington Merry Go Round - 1969 -  Courtesy of Eric Predoehl  http://www.louielouie.net
 Washington Merry-Go Round in 1969 (Courtesy of Eric Predoehl)
Thomas Wallis, Greg Sage (RIP), Larry Sage and John Thoennes (RIP)
I’m saddened to report that my friend John Thoennes has passed away (December 2012). John was a musician from Seaside, Oregon that played with a variety of different bands – Patriot, Washington Merry-Go-Round, the All-American Band, Pretty Face, the Disko Band, and his latest band – Yellow Bird.

Eric Predoehl,  (Eric's tribute to John)

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Last Update:  14 May 2014
Credits: Don Rogers, Darryl Riffero, James Furnish, Margo Lalich, Melinda Sage, Eric Predoehl
Band # 343