The Wannabees
Vancouver, British Columbia
1999 - Present


Geraldo Dominelli ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Matt McCourt ~ Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Smith ~ Drums Percussion Vocals


Peter Bryant ~ Drums, Vocals
Ross Friesen ~ Drums,Vocals
MIke Kelly ~ Guitar, Vocals
Randy Murray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Eric Rowlett ~ Guitar, Vocals

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Jimmy, Matt and Randy -2007

The Wannabees in 2000
Peter, Mike and Matt


I am a musician that has been playing the Pacific northwest for the last 30 some odd years.  I presently have a band that has been playing the Vancouver area since 1999 and we are having a blast for an old  bunch of rockers !!  We are called the Wannabees ( ).

The main band I was associated with in the 80’s was called “Steamer” originating in the interior of B.C. but soon based ourselves out of Vancouver as we started to become very popular.  At the height of our popularity we were managed by Stonebolt’s management team until I left in the mid 80’s.

Matt McCourt, December 2006

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:  The Tall Band, The YVR Band,  The City Band, Fandango, Turbine, Steamer, City Band, Paris, Two the Maxx, 9 th Hour Band, John Scott Band, The Invaders, Vox Phantom, The David Raven Band, Stoker, Keeper, 3D, Body Electric, Juan Trak, Rumors, B.T.O., Beowulf,  Emerald State, Lou Valentino. Matrex, Renegade, Darby Mills, Saffron Henderson and the Troublemakers, Paul Dean Band, Loverboy, Von Zipper, West End Girls, The Zoo, Bonnie – Clyde and the Untouchables, Taylor James, Camille Miller, Scott Jackson, Che Dorval, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  22 April 2012
Credits:  Matt McCourt
 Band # 2104