Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Warehouse Tavern East - Photo coutesy of James McFarlane
Warehouse Tavern  - Photo coutesy of James McFarlane
The Warehouse Tavern
Eastlake Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Acapulco Gold
Axis Drive
City Zu
Cold, Bold and Together
Easy Chair


I used to play at the Warehouse in a band called Onyx.  I remember going to hear another little known band at the time there by the name of Heart.

Bobby Speers, December 2008

We played the Warehouse for weeks at a time in 1969.  The stage was a forklift, it was hot & smoke filled.  We loved the place (I think?).  I well remember a sit in from members of the band War.  At the time, Axis Drive was Greg Elwood, Isaac Twitchell, Dan Burrows, Mark Hibbert and me.

Mike McMullen, February 2010

I remember Onyx, and Cold Bold and Together performing there.  I especially remembered the little boy with glasses in CBT that didn't seem to fit in with... which turned out to have been Kenny G.

Liz Smalley, February 2012

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Credits: James McFarlane, Bob Speer, Mike McMullen, Liz Smalley, Clifford Weiss, Larry Thompson