Northwest Music & Dance Venues

Watermelon Sugar
Hewitt Avenue
Everett, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Floating Bridge
Fragile Lime
Sam & Stella Chapman
Spinning Wheel

Others ?

In Everett we had a teen music center on Hewitt Ave called the Watermelon Sugar. The venue was open to performances on Friday and Saturday nights. Several of the Northwest Bands listed on this website were regular performers at the Watermelon Sugar. The venue also had its own light show - Captain Billy's Blinding White Lights. I remember that light show because I was one of the overhead projector operators.

Wade Boyd, January 2012

In Everett between 1967 – 1969 on Hewitt Ave. there was a Dance club founded by some teachers from both Cascadeand Everett High, it was named Watermelon Sugar.

I caught Fragile Lime & The Floating Bridge there on the same bill.

Stan Larsen, July 2014

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Last Update:  6 July 2014
Credits:  Wade Boyd, Stan Larsen