Waterwheel - photo courtesy of Tom Johnson
John, Dan, Tom, Chuck, Rick
South Snohomish County, Washington
1969 - 1971


Chuck Burbank ~ Vocals
Tom Johnson ~ Drums
Rick Laush ~ Organ
Dan Mallory ~ Bass
John Saba ~ Guitar

Waterwheel Promo Courtesy of Tom Johnson
Waterwheel Promo Courtesy of Tom Johnson

John Saba, guitar (wearing the Neru shirt). John was a member of  'The Beard' and later joined 'Orphin Anny' (70s).  Dan Mallory, bass. Dan was later a member of the 70s groups 'Daniel', and 'Randall/Rosberg'.  Tom Johnson, drums, drummed for 'Blizzard' and "The Beard".  Chuck Burbank, vocals, was also a member of 'The Beard', 'Blizzard' and the 70s bands 'Fusion', 'The Weston Davis Group' and 'Kracker'.   Rick Laush, organ.  Rick later played Hammond organ for the group 'Orphan Annie'.

Chuck Burbank, October, 2005

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Last Update:  16 June 2011
Credits: Chuck Burbank, Tom Johnson
Band # 1800