The WAYDS - Winning 1968 Teen Fair - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk
The WAYDS Winning the West Linn Fair Battle of the Bands in the summer of 1968
Dick Schalk, Mike Woods, Alan Rondeau, Ben Fritchie III, John Richardson
Oregon City, Oregon
1965 - 1968
And Back Together Again


Ben Fritchie III ~ Drums
Jim Hopkins ~ Drums
Tom Hopkins ~ Bass
Steve Hove ~ Vocals
Larry Linnum ~ Vocals
Terry Read ~ Vocals
John Richardson ~ Keyboards
Alan Rondeau ~ Bass
Dick Schalk ~ Guitar
Denny Sealey ~ Organ
Ray Shipley ~ Vocals
John Weiler ~ Guitar
Mike Woods ~ Vocals

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The WAYDS - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk

THE WAYDS (from Oregon City), started in early 1965 and went on through the end of 1968.  We played all the school sock hops in the Portland area, and just about all the "Battle of the Bands" that happened in that time frame, which included the giant "Teen Fair" battles at the Portland Memorial Coliseum.

Dick Schalk, 9 May 2003

September of 1967, at one of the West Linn Fire Hall sock hops.
Left to right : Al Rondeau, Dick Schalk, Ben Fritchie III, Terry Read, John Richardson.
The WAYDS - Early 1967 - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk
The WAYDS in early '67
Steve Hove - Denny Sealey - Larry Linnum - Tom Hopkins - Jim Hopkins - Dick Schalk

The WAYDS - New Years Eve 1967 - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk
The WAYDS - 31 December 1967
Alan Rondeau, Dick Schalk, Terry Read, Ben Fritchie III, John Richardson

Tom Hopkins, John Weiler, Jim Hopkins and Dick Schalk.
This photo was taken right after we got our first "cool" outfits, in the Spring of 1966

Tom Hopkins, Dick Schalk, Jim Hopkins, Steve Hov, Larry
Linnum.  This photo was taken during the 1966 Clackamas JCs Battle of the Bands where Jim Hopkins won the trophy for "Best Drummer".
We were playing at the 1966 Clackamas JCs Battle of the Bands at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Oregon.  We didn't  win first place as a band, but our drummer, 12 year old Jimmy Hopkins won the "BEST DRUMMER" prize and trophy.  That's Jim, sitting at his drums, with the trophy sitting on the floor tom.

Dick Schalk, 10 May 2003, 30 December 2005

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Credits: Dick Schalk, Ron Kleim, Tom Hopkins

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