Oregon City, Oregon
1965 - 1968

We're looking for all the original band members of The WAYDS for a reunion this August.  If any of the original WAYDS members are reading this and you're interested in coming to the reunion, Email Dick Schalk at for details. (FOUND THEM!)
Dick Schalk, 17 May 2003

We were interviewed by Mike Dugo at, and the interview has been archived at
Dick Schalk, 16 March 2004, 30 December 2005

Lots goin' on with The WAYDS lately

We had a KILLER band reunion in August 2003... the first time we all played together in 37-40 years!   We video-taped it with a stereo audio feed of the band and all the interviews, and produced a reunion DVD and CD for the members.

We played at some high school reunion events last summer, and are getting ready to play a Benefit for the Oregon City High School Choir Trip to Italy.  Another local band listed here, The Stags, from Oregon City, played at the benefit at Rodders Pub in Oregon City on Friday evening, April 8, 2005.
Dick Schalk, March 2005

The WAYDS Movie 1966 - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk
The WAYDS "Movie" - 1966
The WAYDS movie was filmed by KOIN radio personality and newscaster, Sherm Washburn
The Wayds - August 2003 - Photo Courtesy of Dick Schalk
Terry Read, Jim Hopkins, John Richardson, Dick Schalk, Denny Seely, Ben Fritchie III, Mike Woods, Tom Hopkins and Larry Linnum
The Wayds Reunion - 2003

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