Bob (partially obscured), John, Marty, George, Steve
Western Union
Olympia, Washington


Steve Bull ~ Drums
Bob Clement ~ Keyboards
Marty Damitio ~ Bass
John Pearson ~ Rhythm Guitar
George Wagner ~ Lead Guitar

In Memory of

Martin Leo Damitio, US Army
9 June 1946 - 13 May 1969

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Army - Together We Served

Martin Leo Damitio was born on June 9, 1946 and was inducted into the United States Army in 1968.   On May 13, 1969 at the age of 22, Martin Leo Damitio perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam.  When you visit the Vietnam Memorial, you can find Martin Leo Damitio honored on Panel 25W Line 097.

Photo Courtesy of Chuck Matthews

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I served with Marty in the 3/21, 196th Light Infantry Brigade.  I was in the same squad and was wounded in the same action that took Marty’s life.  I can tell you that Marty died as a true hero.  We were pinned down in intense fire and despite the orders to pull back to our platoon perimeter, Marty and Larry Aiken refused to do so.  Jack Folger had been shot in the foot or ankle and could not get up to run.  Marty and Larry would not leave Jack, and Marty was killed along with Jack Folger.  Larry was captured by the enemy and several weeks later, some time in July, I think, died as American forces tried to rescue him.  I was shot in the leg but managed to get back to the rest of the company and was MEDEVAC'd to Chu Lai and later sent to Japan to recuperate.

In the few months I knew Marty we hit if off quite well.  We shared a lot of stories about our previous lives back in the ‘world’.  We were both reluctant soldiers and often talked about the insanity of war.  He told me about seeing the Young Bloods at the Lighter Than Air Fair but I never knew he was in a band.

I live in Columbia, Missouri.  He was a good guy and I think about him often.  Especially at this time of year.

Chuck Matthews, May 2011

Specialist Four Martin L. Damitio was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action against an armed hostile force, distinguising himself by exceptionally valorous action.  (extracted from General Order 4604 dated 4 June 1969)

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