Weston Davis Group - Photo Courtesy of Chuck Burbank
Dale Lewis, Larry (Bushy) Strong, Goldie Ritchie, Vic Coy, Mark Scalice, Tom Ogle, Martha ?, and Sid Fisher (Courtesy of Chuck Burbank)
Weston Davis Group
AKA Weston Davis Review
Spokane, Washington
1972 - 1974


Vic Coy ~ Drums
Jerry DesVoignes ~ Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Sid Fisher ~ Guitar
Chris Harris ~ Vocals
David Lesher ~ Fender/Rhodes Piano
Dale Lewis ~ Bass
Tom Ogle ~ Guitar
Fred Reed ~ Guitar
Goldie Ritchie ~ Vocals
Mark Scalise ~ Congas
Kathy Shane (Kathleen Cavender) ~ Vocals
Larry "Bushy" Strong ~ Vocals
Martha ? ~ Vocals

Sound Techs - Roadies

Chuck Burbank
Jerry Fiddler

In Memory of

Vic Coy
Sid Fisher
Mark Scalise (1951 - 2013)

Weston Davis Review (1972) - Courtesy of  Jerry DesVoignes
Larry Strong, Jerry DesVoignes, Dale Lewis, Vic Coy, Mark Scalise, Goldie Richie, Sid Fisher, Fred Reed.

Weston Davis Group - Photo by Lisa St.Germain
Weston Davis Group - Photo by Lisa St.Germain

Weston Davis Group - Photo Courtesy of Chuck Burbank
Weston Davis Group - Photo Courtesy of Chuck Burbank

Sid Fisher, who played with the 70s Bands 'Struggle', 'Fusion' and 'The Weston Davis Group' was taken by cancer on June 19. He was probably the most gifted guitarists I ever worked with. He moved to Las Vegas in the mid 70s and remained there until his death. A web site has been set up to memorialize him. www.sidfisher.com.

Chuck Burbank, July 2005

Hi, Jerry DesVoignes here in Vancouver BC.

I was a singer in Weston Davis for some time, played Sax and Flute as well.  Enjoyed being with singers Larry Strong (Bushie), Kathleen Cavender and Goldie Richie.  Had also been in previous groups with Sid and Vic.  Great group, great people!!


Jerry DesVoignes, September 2007

Mark Alan Scalise, 61, of Moscow, ID

Mark Alan Scalise, born Sept. 27, 1951, passed away Feb. 9, 2013, surrounded by family and friends. A devoted musician he toured all over the Pacific Northwest, and with his quick wit and wonderful sense of humor, easily made friends over his 40-plus years of barbering.


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Credits: Chuck Burbank, K. Hamilton, Lisa St.Germain, Jerry DesVoignes, Kathy Shane (Kathleen Cavender)
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