The Origianl Whistlestop - 1975 - Photo COurtesy of Michael Jay Clothier
Ray Arthur, Michael Clothier, Pat Fultz
Jay Dee Hoag
The Origianl Whistlestop - 1975

Seattle, Washington
1975 - 1992


Ray Arthur ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Darrell Buckner ~ Guitar, Vocals
Michael Jay Clothier ~ Bass, Vocals
Pat Fultz ~ Drums
Chris Hemstead ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jay Dee (J.D.) Hoag ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marilyn Kaye ~ Vocals
Johnny King ~ Keyboards
Paul Koop ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Roger McGilvrey ~ Drums
 Dave Monroe ~ Drums
Scott Smith ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dick Stockton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kirk "K.T." Tuttle ~ Drums
Leon Waldbauer ~ Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals

The original Whistlestop in 1975 was: Michael Jay Clothier, Pat Fultz, J.D. Hoag and Ray Arthur.  Paul Koop was added to the group in 1976, replacing Ray Arthur.

By 1981 the band consisted of Michael Jay Clothier, Darrell Buckner, Marilyn Kaye, Roger McBilvrey and Dick Stockton.   In 1982, Chris Hemstead and Kirk Tuttle joined the group.

By 1983 Whistlestop members were Michael Jay Clothier, Leon Waldbauer, Scott Smith and Dave Monroe.

I Just found a tape of this group with my father Johnny King playing keyboards in 1977.  It indicates they were playing at the White Shutter Inn.

John England, September 2012

Paul Koop - 1976

Whistlestop, 1983, - Leon Waldbauer, Dave Monroe, and Michael Clothier.  Scott Smith (not in photo) was on piano.

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Credits: Michael Jay Clothier, Pat Fultz, John England
Band # 2972