Photo courtesy of Grant Phillips
Wicked Orange
East Vancouver, British Columbia
1966 - 1977


George Brown, Jr ~ ?
Alex Deeth ~ Guitar, Vocals
George Greenwell ~ Guitar
Brian Hjelmeland ~ Drums
Laurence Knight ~ Bass
Victor Moore ~ Bass
Steve "Pucky" Pellman ~ Bass
Grant Phillips ~ Guitar

In Memory of

George Greenwell
d:  30 October 2009

Photo courtesy of Grant Phillips
Windy Day
Photo courtesy of Grant Phillips
Roll On

These pics were taken while in a studio in Vancouver.
The keyboard player is Greg, the guitar player is Grant. On bass, Pucky, drums Brian, and Alex with the shirt off.
Grant Phillips, June 2009

Photo courtesy of Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project

I played with a band called Wicked Orange, from 1968-1974.  We where a heavy rock band out of Vancouver Canada, and played several venues here in the Seattle area and across Canada.

The band consisted of Brian Helmeland, Alec Deeth, Grant Phillips, and several different bass guitar players... Steve, Pucky, and others.

The band had one 45 record released on Columbia records label Titled Roll On, with the B side Windy Day.

Wicked Orange broke up while in the recording studio, recording their first album for Columbia records.  The master recording tape is still around somewhere, and Grant has tried to contact the former members about getting back together to finish the project to no avail.

Grant Phillips, October 2007

Poster Courtesy of Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project
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