Clockwise from top: Dave, Joe, Cheryl and John
Wild Honey
Tacoma, Washington
1980 - 1985


Cheryl Bray ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Bray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Hendershot ~ Bass, Vocals
Mike Huber ~ Drums
John Peterson ~ ?

Other Members

Ed Bray ~ Bass, Vocals
Skipper Ragsdale ~ Drums
Jeff Thompson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Carl Wilson ~ Drums
Eric Wilson ~ Guitar, Vocals

Wild Honey - Image courtesy of Joe Hendershot
Dave Bray, Cheryl Bray, Joe Hendershot and Skipper Ragsdale

This band played in the mid 80's for about 4 or 5 years around Tacoma and surrounding areas in all the normal places bands played, until they stopped at a club on 84th and Pacific called the Branding Iron.  They became the house band and played there for the majority of the life of the band.  They stayed there with a packed house.  Even through new owners and a new club name "Nifty Nannies something or other, Night club".   Funny, can't remember the whole name, but they were the real thing people came to see. They stayed there long enough, for me to think I'd bought stock in the club.

Tacoma has a great tradition these days of jam nights, but back then, when I wanted to play and I wasn't playing myself somewhere, I went over there.  That was the place to jam or play, or just to hang out.  That was the club where all the great players would come and sit in.  It was five nights a week of playing and it was always great music with good players.  They must have made that club a ton of cash.

It was a sad day when they quit and that end of town went sadly quiet.  On the other hand, I had far fewer hangovers.

Wild Honey was my favorite band of the 80's. I still miss some of those nights.  Of course I couldn't survive them these days, but hell, youth is custom made for that sort of thing.

Carson Randolph Pleasant Heads, June 2007

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Last Update:  9 April 2015
Credits:  Carson Randolph, Joe Hendershot, Seth Huber
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