The Wild Wild Rogues
Portland, Oregon
1964  ~ 1965


Ray Gardner ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Greg Grunt ~ Bass
Leo McClure ~ Guitar
Jim Stevens ~ Drums, Vocals

We practiced at the Grunt’s (see the Le Sabres) house usually Friday and Saturday nights.  Monday - Thursday it was the Le Sabres, Friday and Saturday it was the Wild Wild Rogues and Sundays it was Leif Erickson and the Vikings (Randy Grunt on guitar).

The Wild Wild Rogues practiced for about a year and half, but never made it out of the basement.  Jim and Ray left. The lineup changed to:

Greg Grunt ~ Bass
Leo McClure ~ Guitar
Frank ? ~ Vocals
John ? ~ Rhythm Guitar
Steve ? ~ Drums

John worked at a print shop, so one night we went to make some business cards. The print shop also did business cards for one of the top 40 radio stations at the time. We ‘borrowed’ one of  the disco dancers from the radio station letterhead and put it on our card.  Shortly after we started handing them out, we were told to stop using the cards with the dancer.  My old telephone number is on the card... 284-6153.  We practiced a lot.  We played a couple of gigs then just kind of found other things to take up our time.

I’m still playing bass, mostly at church. It was a fun time, with lots of good memories.

Greg Grunt, October 2005

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Credits: Dave Grunt
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