Steve Leinen, Mike Messer, Rand Wilcox, Don Larson, Rich Haines
Wilson McKinley
AKA:  California Poppy Pickers
Spokane, Washington
1967 ~ 1980


Jimmy Bartlett ~ Bass
Rich Haines ~ Keyboards, Guitar
Dave Johnston ~ Bass
Don Larson ~ Bass
Steve Leinen ~ Drums
Mike Messer ~ Guitar
Dick Pratt ~ Hammond Organ
Joe Shikany ~ Guitar
Tom Slipp ~ Drums
Lou St. Cyr ~ Congas, Bongos
Bill Superak ~ Drums
Randy Wilcox ~ Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

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Wilson McKinley

In Memory of

Joe Shikany
d:  18 August 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Dick Pratt
d:  18 May 2012

Bill Superak
d  20 November 2013

In 1967 I had just been to Buzz Buchanan's Battle of the Bands in Nelson, B. C., and was totally impressed with the winning band, Wilson McKinley.  So I got together with one of the DJs from CKEK in Cranbrook, formed Michelle Sound, and hired Wilson McKinley to play, in October, 1967.  The dance was on the ice at the Cranbrook Arena (the hockey rink).  Wilson McKinley totally blew the place apart.  They were great musicians, and super talented.  I hired them many times over the next few years, until they went to LA to record in the late 60s.  They got into the Jesus Freaks movement, and started appealing to a different crowd.  I believe Mike Messer is still recording and promoting the group's music.

Of the hundreds of bands I booked or promoted in 10 years, they have to be in the 10 ten for talent and charisma.

Lorne Truscott, June 2010

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Credits: Gary Behymer, Don Larson, Bill Superak, Paul Jacobson, Lorne Truscott, John Kandarian, David Johnstone
Band # 263