Windy Ridge - Image courtesy of Shannon Martin
Windy Ridge
Cottage Grove, Oregon
1970 - Present


Ken Bachelder ~ Bass Guitar, Vocals
Brian Gushwa - Drums & Vocals
Curt Munsell ~ Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
David Munsell ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Joe Tennis ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

At the very southern tip of the Willamette Valley, deep in the mist covered hills east of Cottage Grove, lies a secret. No not that kind of a secret! It is a rarity among bands. Five guys born and raised in the same small town who have been playing music together for over 35 years and still actually enjoy each others’ company!

After experiencing burnout, brought on by good times and hard living playing in bars and clubs throughout the state in the 70’s and 80’s, the remnants of two Cottage Grove bands, Daybreak and Hiwire, joined forces. In a small cabin on a breezy hilltop the five guys came together in 1990 with a different attitude. Older, wiser and united in the belief that playing their own brand of music, and the brotherhood to make it work, was the most important thing, Windy Ridge was formed.

The band consists of the Munsell brothers, David on guitar, keyboard and lead vocals; Curt on percussion and lead vocals; Ken Bachelder, bass and vocals; Joe Tennis, lead guitar and vocals; and Brian Gushwa, drums and vocals.

Blend together rock and blues, throw in little country and original material for flavor and you have a tasty, eclectic musical brew. So whether your thing is kickin’ off your shoes and dancing, or just kickin’ back and listening, ‘The Ridge’ has got just what you need!

Windy Ridge - Image courtesy of Shannon Martin

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