The Wires - Photo courtesy of Victor Chambray
Kenny, Kevin, Doug, Joe, Lee
The Wires
Vancouver, British Columbia
1976 - 1979


Joe Alvero ~ Bass
Jim Buckshon ~ Bass
Kenny Geatros ~ Guitar
Doug Grant ~ Drums
Kate Skye ~ Vocals
Lee Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Williams ~ Keyboards

An earlier version of the Wires grew out of the band the Live Wire Band, which was formed in 1976 with Hamish MacDonald (guitar) Steve Bosley (bass), Doug Grant (drums)  and Kate Skye (vocals). When Bosley left, MacDonald switched to bass for a time, and Lee Smith (guitar) and Kevin Williams (keyboards) joined.  MacDonald was unable to do a road trip, and school friend of Lee Smith's, Jim Buckshon, was recruited on bass.

Later, Kenny Geatros was added to the lineup and the band switched the name to The Wires.  Buckshon left the band in 1979 and Joey Alvaro replaced him on bass. Shortly after, Kate Skye also left and Smith took over lead vocals.

Jim Buckshon, November 2010

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Last Update:  24 April 2011
Credits: Victor Chambray, Jim Buckshon
Band # 1825