Rick Best , Stan Knoblich, Steve Barth, Sam Chapman
Seattle-Snohomish Co., Washington
1972 ~ 1974


Steve Barth ~ Bass
Rick Best ~ Drums
Sam Chapman ~ Guitar
Don Harris ~ Bass
Mark Hotton ~ Drums
Stan Knoblich ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Sam Chapman
1950 - 2005

Rick Best

Don Harris, Rick Best, Stan Knoblich, Sam Chapman
Pam Chapman

This band started out as Wizzard. They tried something new for a club band at that time. They played a dinner set then a rock set then changed clothing and played a surfer set  Afterwards they'd change again and greased there hair and were Big Daddy and the Cruisers. Soon, Happy Days hit TV and Sam's whole show became The Cruisers.

Rich "Carl Cadillac" Chapman, October 2002

Stan joined the band after Mos Hops disbanded in 1973.  I Joined after Rick Best left the band to join Cheeseburger Deluxe.  We practiced in North Seattle across the freeway from North Gate.  The house is long gone but you can still hear the music when you drive by.  It was a Tough time to be a professional musician back then.  With the recession and the gas crises it made touring nearly impossible. We did a tour with a band called Scott Crazy. They did a kind of David Bowie space rock thing, when combined with our show, it was a great tour.

Mark Hotton, June 2003

Stan recalled that the band they did the tour with was from Scotland and called Scott Free

Webmaster, October 2004

Thanks to Terry Garland, we now have below a poster of a gig with Wizzard and Scott Free performing together.

Sammy, The Web Slave, December 2008

Wizzard - Photo Courtesy of Mark Hotton
Wizzard - Photo Courtesy of Mark Hotton

Poster Courtesy of Terry Garland

Wizzard at the Plum Crazy Tavern - 1972 - Courtesy of Stan Knoblich

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Last Update:  4 December 2009
Credits: Rich Chapman, Mark Hotton, Stan Knoblich, John Fischer, Leif Eddy Haynes, Terry Garland
Band # 1083