The World
AKA:  The Shadows, The Lost Horizons, The Revels
Oregon City, Oregon
1966 - 1969


 Mike Barber ~ Guitar
Jay Bradshaw ~ Drums, Vocals
Paul Delgado ~ Guitar
Mark Hannah ~ Organ
Pete Norris ~ Bass
 Stan Reynolds ~ Guitar
   Ron Transue ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Stan Reynolds


In 1966, at age 13, Stan and I started the band, having recently convinced our parents to purchase a Harmony guitar with Kay amplifier, and a full set of Ludwig drums.  Pete's parents needed a little more convincing before buying him a 'Fred Meyer Special' guitar and a used Fender amp.  Later, he got a Lyle bass and a Kalamazoo amp.

We lived near the high school, and were inspired by the local bands that played there (The Stags, Stop, 1-2-3-Four, etc.).  In junior high school, we played parties, school dances, and the KISN "Teenage Fair", where we were exposed to an even wider range of local talent.

During this period, Paul joined the band for a short time.  Then, we met Mark, who played amazing Hammond organ.  Ron played some nice guitar for awhile.  Then Mike came onboard, adding some cool new licks and equipment, eventually replacing Stan on guitar.  As sophomores, we played some high school dances and a few 'battles of the bands'.  At least, that's the way I remember it.

Jay Bradshaw, May 2009

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Credits:   Jay Bradshaw
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