The Yeoman - Photo Courtesy of Gerry Berg
Gerry, Roger, Al
Vancouver, British Columbia


Gerry Berg ~ 12-String Guitar
Roger Jerome Gillespie ~ Banjo
Al West ~ Standup Bass

In Memory of

Roger Jerome Gillespie
1938 - 2006

Gerry Berg  d: 20 July 2010

Gerry - 2008

Some of us had a temporary "music change" in 1964.  This is Gerry Berg, Roger Jerome (real name Roger Gillespie) and Al West on bass.  We were the first group to play for Les Stork at the Bunkhouse in Vancouver.  Blake Emmons got his start there and played the second week after us. (he hosted "Funny Farm" on TV... sort of a spin off of Hee-Haw).  I think Blake is still doing game shows on TV.

Gerry Berg, January 2005

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Last Update: 22 July 2010
Credits: Gerry Berg
Band # 1629