The Young Society
Abbotsford, British Columbia
1968 - 1969


Mel Dalgleish ~ Guitar
Bill Laurie ~ Bass, Vocals
Randy Mathers ~ Drums
Jim McWilliams ~ Vocals
Art Panchishin ~ Lead Guitar


Doug Goddard


Mike Maynard

In Memory of

Jim McWilliams

I was the drummer for the Young Society which was around for 1968 and 1969 in Abbotsford, B.C.  We played a busy schedule of dances, clubs, coffee houses, community events and "Battles of the Bands" and appeared on "Club Six", the Victoria based teen dance show.  We also cut a single record at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver.  The songs "Games" and "Flyin' Away" were our only originals.

The Vancouver Venues I can remember were the "Adam's Rib Cabaret" and the "White House" (billed as Vancouver "Heaviest Coffee House").  The band members were: The late Jim McWilliams, Art Panchishin, Bill Laurie, Randy Mathers, Mel Dalgleish and Mike Maynard.  Mike was our manager and also sat in with the keyboard from time to time.

Art and I are currently working on a blues project together.

Randy Mathers, February 2010

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Last Update:  2 February 2010
Credits:  Randy Mathers
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