Northwest Dance & Music Venues

The Zodiac
New Westminster, British Columbia

Some of the bands that this place during those great years of NW music were:

Downchild Blues Band
Hit & Run
Laden Argus
Rocket Norton Band
The Seeds Of Time
Ian Thomas
Sweeney Todd
Thin Red Line
Max Webster

Others ??

THE ZODIAC was in the Royal towers hotel at the corner of Royal Ave and 6th Street. The bar is still there, however, very vacant and very closed, as it has been for the last 18 or so years.

Nick Cardarelli, December 2005

I remember going to the Zodiac in about 1973 or so and seeing Heart.  They played covers at the time.  I must have been a little out of it musically because I remember dancing to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ but had never heard that song done by Led Zepplin yet.  I thought they were fantastic.  I don’t recall the décor as being very interesting except it had Zodiac signs painted on the walls.

Kerry Stansfield, September 2007

I was a regular patron at the Zodiac in the mid and late 1970's.  I also worked there as a sound man for the groups Shakedown and Hit and Run. The Zodiac was an "A" room that was booked by Bruce Allan's agency. The best local and Seattle bends played there.

The Zodiac was where Heart debut their first LP: "Dreamboat Annie",  It was quite the occasion, and there was no dancing allowed during their first set as they were showcasing the new album. I had a couple of drinks with Nancy Wilson between sets and she told me about how fast everything seemed to be going.

At the time, Heart was the ruling Kings and Queens of the western Canadian rock music scene, and they set records (booze sales, attendance) almost everywhere they played.  It was just a matter of time before they made it big. They were totally awesome, and next to the real thing, they were the best Led Zep cover band anywhere.

Roger Stomperud, January 2008

The other booking agency was Axis Entertainment with Barry Samuels being the main man. The Manager during the 1970’s was Shirley who had an exceptional way of booking bands into the Zodiac.

Other bands for that pe3erformed there included Sweeney Todd, Max Webster, Downchild Blues Band, Ian Thomas and I’m sure there are many more.

They have had Zodiac Reunions in the past but I haven’t seen another in the upcoming days.

Brian McDonald, 2012

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