500 Prisoners
AKA:  The Jags
Seattle, Washington
1981 - 1983


Dee Dee Boodleman ~ Vocals
Joe Brown ~ Bass, Vocals
Stuart Camille ~ Drums
Lee Elliott ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jumi Emizawa ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Gordon Raphael ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Other members included:

Barry Cowger ~ Drums
Rick Ryan ~ Drums
Paul Harper ~ Keyboards, Vocals

500 Prisoners:  Very Prolific New Wave / Power Pop Band
500 Prisoners continued efforts by Joe Brown & Lee Elliott out of Le Shimmer with a strong desire to produce more original composition in experimental new wave and dance beat music.  Adding Capital Hill New Wave icon Gordon Raphael (Sky Cries Mary) along with a very powerful (and eye catching) vocalist Dee Dee Boodleman, the band rounded out their aggressive style by adding intense, young, progressive drummer Stuart Camille to complete the earliest rendition of the band.

Originally debuting as The Jag's, the band faced a name dispute with an East Coast band and remade themselves by adding Jumi Emizwa (popular Solo artist in Japan) on Rhythm Guitar and support vocals; changing their name to 500 Prisoners.  Of interest was the continuing notoriety of Lee Elliott among local guitar players in the PNW.  It was not uncommon to have guitar players from top local bands and Seattle based national acts show up in clubs and concerts to watch Lee’s work.  One of the emerging “Large Acts” of this era, this 6 + piece band worked close to 50 weeks out of the year mostly in Seattle & Vancouver BC (regulars at Astor Park, Hall of Fame, Backstage, Michael J’s, Gatsby’s, Mural Amphitheatre, etc.) as well as appearing with national acts.

Joe Brown, April 2005

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Dillinger, LeShimmer, Floyd Rose COR, Dave Irish Band, Sky Cries Many, Big Fun, Cold Daze, Native Artists, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:   4 April 2012
Credits:  Joe Brown
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