Bad Alibi - Image courtesy of Donna-Sue Howatson
Bad Alibi - Final Lineup
Mike Jonson, Scott Hand, Mike Howatson, Julie Roman, Dave Bayautet
Bad Alibi
Seattle, Washington
1996 - 2008


Final Lineup

Dave Bayautet ~ Lead Guitar
*Scott Hand ~ Vocals
*Mike Howatson ~ Drums
Mike Jonson ~ Bass
Julie Roman ~ Vocals


Cameron Crotty ~ Guitar
Dave Dechenne ~ Guitar
Tim Divers ~ Guitar
Matt Engel ~ Guitar
*Ben Frost ~ Guitar
Ric Moore ~ Guitar
*Jason Penry ~ Bass
*Kerry Rogers ~ Guitar
Dennis Scroggins ~ Guitar
Chris Sikora ~ Guitar
Jim Stewart ~ Guitar
Glenn Talley ~ Guitar
Rick Williams ~ Guitar, Vocals

* Founding Member

Bad Alibi - Image courtesy of Donna-Sue Howatson

Bad Alibi - Image courtesy of Donna-Sue Howatson
Scott Hand, Mike Howatson
Jason Penry, Ben Frost, Kerry Rogers

Bad Alibi - Original Lineup


BAD ALIBI was formed in 1996 by Mike Howatson (drums), Kerry Rogers (lead guitar) and Jason Penry (bass). The band soon brought in Ben Frost (rhythm guitar) and Scott Hand (vocals) and began playing the cover band circuit here in the Seattle Area.

As time went on, Ric Moore replaced Ben on rhythm guitar for a couple of months, and was then replaced by Chris Sikora. Mike Jonson, then replaced Jason on the bass guitar. Kerry left the band next and was replaced by Rick Williams.  After Chris moved to Arizona he was replaced by Dave Dechenne who was later replaced by Cameron Crotty.  After Cam moved back to San Francisco there were no subsequent rhythm guitar players.  Rick Williams was replaced by Glenn Talley, to be followed by Matt Engel for a few months, then Dave Bayautet who was the final guitarist.  Julie Roman was added as female lead vocals, assuring the diversity of BAD ALIBI and she kicked ass to the end!

Rick Williams is now a member of The Relics
Dave Dechenne is with Max Axle
Ric Moore has been with Sam the Butcher, Radio Flyers and many others
Glenn Talley is now with New Jack City

Donna-Sue Howatson, September 2008

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Miles From Chicago, High Noon, Autobahn, Melody Rain, Sam the Butcher, Southern Justice, Max Axle, New Jack City, The Relics, Radio Flyers and many others NW bands.

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Credits:   Donna-Sue Howatson
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