Blizzard - Photo Courtesy of Tom Johnson
Steve 'Bumper' Morgan (with the glasses), Tom Johnson, Chuck Burbank, Vaughn Mckelvey and John Schneider.
AKA: Kryptic Light
AKA: Uncle Remus
AKA: Old Friends
Shoreline, Washington
1969 ~ 1971


Marc Britton ~ Guitar
Chuck Burbank ~ Vocals
Michael Derosier ~ Drums
Tom Johnson ~ Drums
Steve "Bumper" Morgan ~ Bass
Vaughn McKelvey ~ Guitar
Tim O'Cane ~ Organ
Eric Peterson ~ Organ
John Saba ~ Guitar
John Schneider ~ Guitar
Ken Stoner ~ Drums

Lights and Sound

Larry Gearon

In Memory of

Larry Gearon
Steve "Bumper" Morgan

Blizzard was from the Shoreline - Edmonds -  Lynnwood area. It started as a local regular at the "Battle of the Bands" high school dances and fraternities. Eventually they graduated to the Phoenix Club & Trolly Club in Seattle and then the tavern circuit.

They were young players at that, but quite busy to the point that at a particular gig at the Owl Tavern in Lynnwood, the band actually had to take a night off so Bumper, Eric and Michael could go through High School commencement.

Eventually, in its last stages, they all moved to a band house on Capitol Hill, and then to Spokane. At that point, the group was considered an "underground" band and was playing quite a few originals. Any of the covers at that time were not AM radio tunes... a fond creative memory.

Steve "Bumper" Morgan, June 2002

The below photo was taken in Cliff Park, across the street from our luxurious band house in Spokane. After arriving from Seattle, we moved into one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in town. Even though we kept a low profile, our wealthy neighbors were upset (and frightened) to see a bunch of 'hippie' musicians residing in their midst. We lived in that house June through October of 71 when we were forced out by way of a city ordinance declaring that no more than two last names may occupy a single family dwelling in that neighborhood. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.... and it really impressed the chicks!

Chuck Burbank, March 2006

Blizzard when they were known as Old Friends - Photo Courtesy of Tom Johnson
Blizzard when they were known as Old Friends - Photo Courtesy of Tom Johnson

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Last Update: 4 September 2010
Credits: Steve "Bumper" Morgan, Chuck Burbank, Jay Laush, Roger Fisher, Tom Johnson, Vaughn McKelvey, John Schneider
Band # 871