Blues Redemption
South Puget Sound, Washington
2009 - Present


Bill Barner ~ Drums, Vocals
Brian Feist ~ Guitar
Joe Hendershot ~ Bass, Vocals
Doug Skoog ~ Keyboards, Vocals


Doug Kearney ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Riley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Vincent ~ Keyboards, Accordion

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Blues Redemption - Photo Courtesy of Billy Barner
Bill, Mark, Joe and Doug

Bill, Joe, Brian

The band started late in 2009.  It was started for the purpose of entering the SSBA competition to go to Memphis and represent The SSBA in the 2010 International Blues Challenge. They won the two regional preliminaries and went to Memphis in February 2010 and competed against 128 bands from all over the world.

They are based out of the South Sound, with members residing in Centralia, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Parkland and Tacoma.

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Last Update:  10 Junel 2015
Credits:  Billy Barner
Band # 3003