The Checkers - photo courtesy of Rich Torres
The Checkers
Yakima, Washington
1958 ~ 1962


Brady Anderson ~ Guitar
Bob Campbell ~ Piano
Larry Coryell ~ Guitar
Glen Dahl ~ Bass
Lowell Fronek ~ Drums
Ralph Gibson ~ Drums
John Hensley ~ Guitar
Joe Johansen ~ Guitar
Mike Mandel ~ Piano
Mike Metko ~ Saxophone
Jim Michaelson ~ Saxophone
Doug Robertson ~ Drums
Dick Ruthhardt ~ Bass
Bob Torres ~ Bass
Nick Torres ~ Vocals
Dennis Yadon ~ Saxophone


In Memory of

Glen Dahl
Joe Johansen
D:  4 June 1997
Mike Metko
Jim Michaelson
Nick Torres

The Checkers - photo courtesy of Rich Torres

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Last Update:  9 May 2013
Credits:  Peter Blecha, Darryl Riffero, Brady Anderson, Carolyn Berner (Yadon), Liggett Taylor, Bill Engelhart, Rick Torres, Malcolm Kennedy

Band # 152