Cheeseburger Deluxe - photo courtesy of Steve Berman
Burt Ollestad, Rick Best, Gordy Arlin, Steve Barth - Gordy Arlin, Steve Barth, Burt Ollestad and Rick Best
Cheeseburger DeLuxe
Seattle, Washington
1972 ~ 1976


Original Band

Gordy Arlin ~  Piano, Drums
Steve Barth ~ Bass
Steve Bartlett ~ Bass
Rick Best ~ Drums
Burt Ollestad ~ Guitar

Later Versions of the band included

Steve Barth ~ Bass
Rick Best ~ Drums
Doug Fowler ~ Guitar
Joel Johnson ~ Electric Piano, Vocals
Bruce Malmberg ~ Keyboards, Guitar

In Memory of

Bruce Malmberg
Rick Best

I am Burt Ollestad.  I along with Gordy Arlin, Rick Best, and Steve Bartlett formed the original band. Steve Barth later joined when Steve Bartlett left.  Gordy and myself were the next to leave and in effect the original Cheeseburger was over at that point.

There were other renditions of the band that had one of the original members in it that carried on the band name.  It was a long time ago.

Burt Ollestad, November 2006

I'm looking for former Cheeseburger Deluxe members.

Steve Bartlett "Dink Dugger", Bass, 1972-1975.  My email is bartlettrose2 @

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Credits: Joe Brown, Bill Majkut, Richard Evans, Joel Johnson, Jim Edwards, Leif Eddy Haynes (R.I.P.), Steve Berman, Steve Bartlett, Burt Ollestad

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