Photo Courtesy of Phil Mitchell
Rick Mickles, Ted Sheffler, Mike White, Bob DeYoung, Ray Guyll, and Phil Mitchell
Everett, Washington
1958 ~ 1961


Bob DeYoung ~ Lead Guitar
Ray Guyll ~ Saxophone
Rick Mickles ~ Rhythm guitar
Phil Mitchell ~ Upright Bass
Ted Shreffler ~ Piano
Mike White ~ Drums

In Memory of

Ray Guyll d:  2 November 2014

Ted Shreffler  d:  22 August 2009

We were the first Rock and Roll band in Everett High School, and had a ball for all the three years we were in school.  It (the band) was probably the reason we all made it to graduation.

Phil Mitchell, April 2001

The top photo was taken at the Lake Stevens (WA) Junior Prom, in the Fall of 1959.  We were the first R & R band in Everett; even got "removed" from the stage at a pep assembly for "lewd" motions (DAMN YOU, Elvis!).

Phil Mitchell, 20 January 2003

The Cherchers had a fun-filled reunion on 18 April 2009, and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we were all still up and running! 

Three of us still play occasionally, but we all gave it our best shot in our living room yesterday.  No neighbors came down on us, no police were called in... we missed that.  What they missed was a burger & root beer float feeding frenzy.

Phil Mitchell, April 2009

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Last Update:  5 January 2014
Credits:  Phil Mitchell, Barbara Guyll
Band # 153