A Band With Pacific Northwest Roots

The Fabulous Cooltones
Montgomery, Alabama
2001 - Present


Scott Flemming ~ Drums
Kerry Frazier ~ Saxophones
Jammin' Jack Jackson ~ Bass, Vocals
Charles Langley ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Shiferstein ~ Saxophone, Flute, Congas, Vocals
Garry Singleton ~ Bass, Vocals


Jim Adams (Phat James) ~ Guitar, Vocals

If you don't mind, I'll send along photos & info. on my group here in Montgomery, AL "The Fabulous Cooltones"

The group's been together since 2001 (*when I moved back down here from Tacoma).  It evolved out of the local group the "Blues Cruisers" (1996-1999). The original members were: Jim Adams (Phat James) on guitar/vocals, Jammin' Jack Jackson on bass/vocals and Scott Flemming on drums. In 2001, we added Charles Langley on keys/vocals and Steve Shiferstein on sax/flute/congas/vocals. The band plays regularly in and around Montgomery and has recorded two promotional cd's with another due this summer (2004). Recently, Jack and Steve left and the new bassist/vocalist is Garry Singleton and on tenor/alto/soprano sax, Kerry Frazier. We play classic rock, R&B, Funk, Blues, and some smooth jazz as well. The band is a member of; and supporter of the Alabama Jazz & Blues Federation and often hosts the monthly jams and is included in civic events. The fellas don't mind playing some NW inspired rock with me. We do a pretty decent version of "Leavin' Here" (*by Eddie Holland) which was a pretty big hit for Jimmy Hanna & the Dynamics in 1965.

Jim Adams, April 2004
Jim Adams (*Phat James aka Johnny Hurricane Savage)
Johnny and the Marks, Silverheels and many others.