Coupe De Ville
Orting, Washington
1992 - 1995


Founding Members

Frank Buchiere ~ Guitar, Vocals
Phil Flagg ~ Bass, Vocals
Bob Gilbert ~ Drums, Vocals
Jim Martin ~ Guitar, Vocals

Later Members

Debbie Gilbert ~ Vocals
Bill Hardy ~ Bass
Charlie Johnson ~ Bass
Bob Lambert ~ Bass
William "BoomBoomBilly" McCollum ~ Drums, Vocals
Jeff Wallace ~ Keyboards
Kent ?  ~ Bass, Vocals
Danny ? ~  Guitar
Steve ? ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Debbie GIlbert

William McCollum
b:  17 January 1953 - d:  24 December 2010

Coupe De Ville was a band based in Orting , Washington.  They started in 1992 and gigged mainly at the Sparpole Restaurant and lounge in Orting.  They also did gigs as far away as Centralia at the Taj Mahal, in Buckley at the White Horse, The Royal Bear in Algona and lest we forget the Orting Eagles.

William "BoomBoomBilly" McCollum, August 2003

Coupe De Ville Was probably the best band that nobody ever heard of

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Henchmen, Sky River, Fortunate Sons, Sterling Silver Band, Crackers and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  5 January 2011
Credits: WIlliam McCollum, Rick Adams
Band # 1321