AKA:  Ann Wilson and The Daybreaks
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1970


Kathy Allen ~ Backing Vocals
Chris Blaine ~ Drums
Steve Hansen ~ Organ
Herb Johnson ~ Organ
Jack Joseph ~ Guitar
Bob Ormbrek ~ Bass, Vocals
Tom Wendt ~ Guitar
Ann Wilson ~ Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nancy Wilson ~ Backing Vocals
Mike Wing ~ Bass

We had a regular weekly gig at the Fort Lawton Noncommissioned Officers Club, plus did other pickup engagements.

Mike Wing, May 2005

On January 9, 1969 I recorded two 45 recordings (2 records - 4 sides) with a group called Daybreak which included Chris Blaine on Drums, Bob Ormbrek on bass and backup vocals, Ann Wilson - Lead vocals, myself -Tom Wendt - Rhythm guitar and Herb Johnson on Organ.  There was another organist prior to Herb, Steve Hansen.  I left the group first and then Bob Ormbrek and then Herb left after that. This was still in the 1969 time frame. I believe that the group perhaps changed three times or more that year.  I played with this group during 1968 and 1969.  I was with them for around a year or more as I recall.

Nancy Wilson, Ann Wilson's younger sister, attended many of our jam and practice sessions which were held in Chris Blaine's parents basement in Bellevue, WA at that time.

Nancy occasionally took stage to sing backup in our "Hey Jude" contribution.  I believe, as far as I recollect that the aforementioned names were the Original Daybreak band. The name of the band was actually temporarily changed later for the recordings in 1969 to "Ann Wilson and the Daybreaks" which is the name on the 45's. This was because we were doing work for a country songwriter who was looking for a group willing to record them to gain studio time in return.  Fortunately we did not have time to complete the arrangement on all four cuts so we were able to throw in one of our own which was written by Ann Wilson and perhaps with Nancy's help. That song was called "Through Eyes and Glass" and featured Ann playing flute as well as doing vocals. The whole affair was cool but only slightly embarrassing because we were really a Rock band that changed it's name for a set of recordings, three of which were not our own and Country.

Tom G. Wendt, June 2005 & September 2005

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Last Update: 22 September 2005
Credits: Michael T. Wing, CPA, Tom Wendt
Band # 1722