Daze of The Week
Tacoma, Washington
1966 - 1967


Steve Black ~ Keyboards
Greg Gagliardi ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Harkness ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Harris ~ Drums
Scott Jones ~ Bass
Brent Lund ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Watson ~ Drums

"The first time that I ever heard a live band do "Gloria" was by the Regents at a Wilson HS dance in the fall of 1965.  It made a lasting impression on me and on our future lead guitarist, Mark Harkness.  We were both sophomores at the time we heard the Regents. Together, with Scott Jones, Brent Lund and Mark Watson, we formed the band the next school year."

Greg Gagliardi, Daze of the Week

The Daze of The Week formed in the Fall of 1966 with their first gig being October of ’66 at Mason Junior High School in Tacoma for an after school dance.  Following that the band played on a regular basis at many dance events throughout the area.

"Interestingly enough we recently found that one of our songs that was put out on a 45 in a very limited release was included on an LP of the name Highs of the Mid-Sixties, Vol 22.  They had us from Missippippi which is a complete mystery to me".

Scott Jones, July 2001

45:  1.One Night Stand/ (Piece 1003) 1966

"Their sole vinyl offering, the Piece label operated out of Tacoma, Washington and the band may also have come from this area. One Night Stand is an aggressive garage punker with snotty vocals. Strangely enough the track also appears on Piece 1002, backed by You Gotta Give, Baby and credited to the Grotesque Mommies. The same group?   You can find One Night Stand on Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 22."

(Max Waller/George Gell), Fuzz Acid and Flowers

I played keyboard with Daze of the Week for a year while a senior at Wilson HS, after Greg Gagliardi went off to college.

Steve Black, Aug 2007

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Credits: Fuzz Acid and Flowers, Scott Jones, Gregg Gagliardi, Rick Harris, Steve Black
Band # 0042