At the time this photo was taken, Danny & The Seniors had already changed their name to The Rare Blend
Danny & the Seniors
AKA: The Rare Blend
Yakima, Washington
1965 ~ 1967


Danny Clement ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Clement ~ Guitar, Vocals
Donny Frank ~ Vocals
Jeff Sweet ~ ?
Ron Tolotti ~ Bass
Bill Tomisser ~ Keyboards
Dale Woods ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dennis Clement

The photo above contains members of "Danny and the Seniors", but when this picture was taken they had changed their name to "The Rare Blend".

Donny Frank sang with The Rare Blend, but was not in this picture. This picture contains from the top down Bill Tomisser, Dennis Clement, Ron Tolotti, Danny Clement (Twin of Dennis), and Dale Woods.  I took Ron's place on Bass Guitar a short time after this picture.

Randy Russell, January 2003

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Last Update:  20 March 2015
Credits:  Larry Baker, H. Blair, Darryl Riffero, Randy Russell, Jeff Sweet, Bob Selzler, Randy Hansen, Christie Clement

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