Emergency Exit
Seattle, Washington
1965 - 1967


Dan Bono ~ Keyboards
Paul Goldsmith ~ Guitar
Bill Leyritz ~ Drums
Al Malosky ~ Drums
Mike McGrath ~ Drums
Dan Olason ~ Guitar
Luther Rabb ~ Bass
Jim Walters ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Bill Leyritz
Luther Rabb
Dan Olason

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Why Girl - Music Sound Clip

Emergency Exit Radio Promo

Emergency Exit - Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney

I took this photo of the Emergency Exit in the Summer of 1967.  They were opening for The Young Rascals at the Seattle Center.  They had two brand-new Super Beatles and for some reason they had rotated the speaker cabs to point straight up.  Some radical acoustic theory, no doubt.  I remember it not sounding all that good.

Doug Rice, April 2007

NW Battle of the Bands Vol 1
Ace - Big Beat Records

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Credits: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Don Rogers, Dan Olason, Mike McGrath, Trisha Nerney (top photo), Chris Winchester, Richard Evans, Albert Malosky, Gary Leyritz, Ace - Big Beat, Doug Rice, Robert Casey, Chuck Stenberg

Band # 335