The Fleetwoods - Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Christopher
Gretchen - Gary - Barbara
The Fleetwoods
 Olympia, Washington
1958 - Present


Gretchen Diane Christopher
Barbara Liane Ellis
Gary Robert Troxel


1988 Northwest Area Music Association Hall of Fame

2005 Olympia High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame

2006-Doo Wopp Hall of Fame of America

2006 Vocal Group Hall of Fame

2008 Vocal Group Hall of Fame 10th ANNIVERSARY Induction Concerts with Gretchen Christopher being THE FLEETWOODS' only original member attending and performing   "Come Softly To Me",   "Mr. Blue",   and  "Goodnight My Love", dedicating each to the original leads: Gretchen, Gary and Barbara, respectively.

The original members of the Fleetwoods were Gretchen, Gary and Barbara.

Click to Hear Come Softly to Me
Come Softly to Me
Click to Hear Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue
Graduation's Here

Fleetwoods Hits

Come Softly to Me - 1959 (Gold Record)
Mr. Blue - 1959 (Gold Record)
Graduation's Here - 1959
You Mean Everything to Me - 1959
Runaround - 1960
Outside My Window - 1960
The Last One to Know - 1960
Tragedy - 1961
The Great Imposter - 1962
Lovers by Night, Strangers by Day - 1962
Goodnight My Love - 1963

Gretchen's SWEET SIXTEEN (SUITE 16) - A Billboard Critic's Pick for 10 BEST ALBUMS of 2007

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Simply the best vocals and writing.  I still am blown away by their songs and enjoy singing them.

Jerry DesVoignes, June 2011

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Last Update: 14 April 2017
Credits: Gary Troxel, Barbara Ellis, Gretchen Christopher, Jerry DesVoignes

Band # 0009