The Kings of Swing
Seattle, Washington
1944 - Present


Current Members

 Pete Bellomo ~ Trumpet
 Chuck Cruise ~ Bass Trombone
 Tom Flood  ~ Tenor Saxophone
  Ellen Finn ~ Bass
Dean Fox ~ Trumpet
 Elizabeth Hott ~ Baritone Saxophone, Vocals
 Julie Johnson ~ Alto Saxophone
  Jeff Kahan ~ Trombone
Harry Sankey ~ Tenor Saxophone (Original Member)
  Amanda Marquis ~ Trumpet
Tony McCarthy ~ Baritone Saxophone, Vocals
 Mike Paul ~ Trombone
 Roy Pollock ~ Trumpet
 J Paul Sawtelle ~ Alto Saxophone (Leader)
Glen Thilman ~ Drums
 Mike Tooley ~ Trombone
 Dr. Lillian Wu ~ Piano


Coming Soon

We started in 1944 at Seattle's Cleveland High School so we go back farther in time than the rest of the bands on the site but, we do have one original member still playing with us.

Chuck Cruise, May 2005

The Kings of Swing is a 19 piece dance band playing in the Miller/Dorsey style. The Kings originated in 1944 at Seattle's Cleveland High School. They played through high school and WWII War years. By 1949, the young members were off to college or the Korean War and, the band broke up in late 1949.

In 1986 the love of the big band sound called again, and seven of the original Kings got together to revive the band permanently. By the end of 1992 they had gone from New Year's Eve at Seattle's Space Needle and the Greater Seattle area to as far as St. Petersburg, Russia to play their music. Today only a few of the original Kings remain, but the spirit and support of the long standing participants push the band to greater success. The Kings recent release of their first CD "Full Circle" is one such success. The Kings performances include vocals by Tony McArthy and Elizabeth Hott.

From the Kings of Swing Website, May 2005

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