Lake Hills Roller Rink (Page 2)
16232 NE 8th
Bellevue, Washington
Lake Hills Roller Rink - 1983 - Photo Courtesy of Ron Griffin
Lake Hills in 1983
Photo Courtesy of Ron Griffin
One weekend night in 1965, The Bandits opened for the Lovin' Spoonful.

The two bands shared the dressing room which was located directly behind the portable stage.

Since we were the opening band we showed up in the late afternoon to set up for our set.  We had to provide the PA System for the show.

I came straight to the gig from my day job at Bernie's Men's Wear, not stopping for anything to eat.  Starving, I noticed a highly decorated shoe box nicely displayed on the makeup table.  I took a peak inside the package and discovered it loaded with chocolate chip cookies.  I asked one of my band mates if the cookies were for us.  He explained that they must have been left for the Spoonful.  Well, the Spoonful hadn't arrived and man I was hungry.  Surely, they wouldn't miss a cookie or two.

So, I helped myself to three or four of those cookies.

Bad Idea!   I think we played OK that night.  Can't really remember that gig.

Tom Dietz, February 2004.

We saw a lot of great local and national groups there.  It was cool dancing to Heart on a Friday night then seeing them Saturday at Parkers.

Randy Eide, November 2006

Prowler at Lake Hills in 1981
Photo Courtesy of Mark Benzion

Black Zephyr Orchestra at Lake Hills - 1975
Photo Courtesy of Gary Draper

"On September 12, of either 1970 or 1971, (can't be sure which year) when Buddy Miles Express played Lake Hills, Carlos Santana called me in the ticket office to ask if he and his group could come in and see Buddy.  I said sure.  After Santana arrived, they went up on stage and jammed with Buddy's group."

Liz Monta, May 2001

Rapid Transit at the Lake Hills Roller Rink in about 1965
Photo Courtesy of Marc Lagen

Mantis at Lake Hills -1976


Pass Courtesy of David Wills

Battle of the Bands at Lake Hills in January 1969 - Courtesy of Steve English
Battle of the Bands at Lake Hills in January 1969 - Courtesy of Steve English