Lloyd Barnhurst, Luis Weathers, Davy Jones, Clark Lynch, Tom Davis, Stan Broghn and Dennis Baldwin.
Little John & The Monks
AKA:  The Nomads
Eugene, Oregon
Circa 1965


Dennis Baldwin ~ ?
Lloyd Barnhurst ~ ?
Stan Brawn ~ Lead Guitar
Tom Davis ~ Vocals
Bob DiMartino ~ Keyboards
Larry Harding ~ Lead Guitar
Dave Jones ~ Saxophone
Clark Lynch ~ Drums
Bob Martin ~ Drums
Luis Weathers ~ Bass, Road Manager
Lee Wilson ~ Bass

In Memory of

Lloyd Barnhurst
Davy Jones

Their cover of The Searchers' classic Needles And Pins can be found on The History Of Northwest Rock, Vol. 5. More recently Black Winds, a gentle folk-rock ballad has resurfaced on Relics, Vol. 2 (LP), Relics Vol's 1 & 2 (CD), Northwest Battle Of The Bands, Vol. 1 (CD), and Tymes Gone By (LP).
Max Waller from Fuzz Acid and Flowers

I am the original lead singer of this band. My name is Tom Davis. I am originally from Scotland and came to the US in 1963.  I started the original band in Klamath Falls, Oregon under the name of the Nomads.  While auditioning in Eugene, on the way to cut Black Winds, I was asked to front for an all-star band being put together by a local teenage nightclub owner. That band became Little John and the Monks.

Tom Davis, 28 January 2003

The previously unissued by Little John & The Monks was recorded in November 1965 and is now available on Ace Records Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol 3.  "Black Winds is available on Ace Records Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol 1.

Sam Carlson, 12 February 2003

The Little John and the Monks cover photo is a very bad look at the group and those were mostly new people from the original group.  The blurred photo was taken on a hill north of downtown Eugene in late summer of 1966.

We had gone to San Fransisco to purchase the silver shark skin suits we wore to play our Santa Clara, California concert after winning the Northwest Battle of The Bands at the Lane County Fair in July of 66 where we opened with a Beatle tune Nowhere Man and it killed them!!!!

Tom Davis had a blue version of the suits shown standing looking left facing me.  Lui Weathers didn't have a suit in the photo because he was no longer our bass player but stayed on as Road Manger.

Lloyd Barnhurst died two years ago and I was told Davy Jones died many years ago.

I'd love to hear from any of them and find a better photo from what was the last before two of us got drafted.

 I saw Tom once after getting out of the service in about 69.

Clark Lynch, February, 2011

I am writing this email to hopefully make contact with some of my old band mates from the band.   I am currently living in Yakima, WA. and was a member of little John & the Monks. I played lead guitar.

I am still playing music & have my own group called the Double Deuce band. I have for many years wondered where they all went & how their lives evolved. I would love to have more info if possible & see how life has been for those still with us.

Please feel free to contact me through this email address I look forward to hearing from you.

Stan Brawn, June 2017  (rmts1958@gmail.com)

Little John and The Monks-Black Winds  - On You Tube

Little John and The Monks - Available on Ace Records, Northwest Battle of the Bands
Avialable on Ace Records

Needles And Pins/Black Winds (Jerden 775) 1965

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Last Update:  10 June 2017
Credits: Tom Davis, Susan Weathers, Clark Lynch, Stan Brawn

Band # 719